Nevada Wine Coalition

Can Wine Grapes Grow In Nevada?

We hear that a lot, and yes they can.  Nevada is home to four wineries currently, and all of them are growing grapes.  It's a young industry in Nevada.  The first winery wasn't established until 1990, while folks were making wine in California in the 1800's.   Washington and Oregon started in the 1960's. So we have some catching up to do! 

Northern Nevada's climate is very similar to Eastern Washington, where a majority of the grapes are grown for that state's $8.6 billion wine industry.  

And just look around Nevada.  California is the biggest wine producing state, followed by Washington, New York, Texas and Oregon.  Looking at our neighbors of CA, WA and OR, most of their grapes are grown on the east side of state, somewhat in line with western and central Nevada.

The Nevada Wine Coalition wants to help create a vibrant wine industry in the state, so we want to help provide resources for those wishing to grow and make wine here.  

In southern Nevada, Grape Expectations is a great resource for wine makers.  

In Reno, Nevada Vines and Wines is here to help you grow grapes and make wine.

Professor Grant Cramer at UNR has lead the research into growing grapes in Nevada.  You can see much of his research here.

The Nevada Wine Coalition, in conjunction with Nevada Vines and Wines, plans to hold seminars about growing grapes in Nevada, as well as wine tasting events that feature local wine makers.  Check out our Upcoming Events page for events.